Friday, July 20, 2012

How to make list down on MS Excel

  1. We make a list down in MS Excel it is easy to select data in list don't need time to input one by one. please take a look with this.
  2. Enter the following data into cells:

    A1 - Apple
    A2 - Lemon
    A3 - Mango
    A4 - Chocolate
    D2 - Orange

  3. Click column where the results will be displayed.
  4. Click on the Data tab.
  1. Click on the Data Validation option from the ribbon to open the menu.
  1. Click on the Data Validation in the menu to bring up the dialog box.
  2. Click on Settings tab in the dialog box.
  3. From the Allow menu choose List.
  1. Click on the Source line in the dialog box.
  1. Click OK in the dialog box.
  2. A down arrow should appear
  1. When you click on the arrow the drop down list should open to display the four cookie names.

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